October 13, 2006

Snow Cited for Being Overeager Tour Guide?

Tonysnow2 A tipster sends in this juicy gossip about WH press secretary Tony Snow:

[A Secret Service source tells our tipster that] Snow was written up for a security violation on Tuesday but the violation was thrown out.  Why?  Mr. Snow allowed the visiting Chinese guests to roam around the mansion and compound unattended.  All guests require constant supervision.  SS said that a stickler SS agent wrote up Mr. Snow and that all security violations require the signature of the violator’s supervisor, in Mr. Snow’s case, that would be The President!  The stickler’s supervisor threw out the security violation because obviously POTUS should not be bother with such things and chastised the stickler.

UPDATE: Potomac Flacks has learned that the White House has denied this rumor. 

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